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Hectic Judgment Solutions

We are a team of highly skilled & professional collectors that provide financial solutions to cash flow challenges to assist individuals and businesses to survive, grow, and succeed!!

Our Vision

Make all individuals and businesses successful and wealthy through our concentrated efforts.

Mission Statement

Our Business is to care about your well-being and the success of your business by improving your cash flow.

Our Objectives

  • Provide a vehicle to more readily access your cash immediately from your accounts receivables and delinquent Judgments without all the usual headaches.


  • Improve your aged accounts receivables and lessen the burdens carried from month to month.


  • Assist your business in maintaining a continuous cash flow.


  • Transfer the burden of risk and collecting to someone else while you concentrate on other areas of your business operations.


  • Increase your available Cash and Bottom Line dollar$. 


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10%of total fees will be donated to Underprivileged Child

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All services
Price Per Package varies based on Number of Packages Purchased

Price Per Package varies based on Number of Packages Purchased

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